User Interface

How to Use the Button Element in a Layout

What is the Button Element? The Button Element makes it easy for you to place and customize a button that can be used in interactive kiosk applications. You can customize nearly every aspect of the look and feel. Knowledge of JavaScript, jQuery, or at least CSS selector’s and Korbyt’s Quick Actions feature is required to […]

How to Use the Ticker Element in a Layout

What is the Ticker Element? The Ticker Element displays scrolling text, like what you would see at the bottom of the screen when watching a news channel. Ticker Element Options Bold Gives the text a heavier weight, making it slightly larger. Italic Makes the text display slanted to the right. Font Size Allows you change […]

How to Use the Clock Element in a Layout

What is the Clock Element? The Clock Element displays the current time on the screen. You can choose from an analog or digital display and even customize the clock face and hands for an analog clock!   Clock Element Options You options differ depending on whether you are using an analog or digital display. Analog […]

How to Use the Carousel Element in a Layout

What is the Carousel Element? The Carousel Element allows you to setup a playlist inside of your layout. You can define the size of the area you want your media displayed and then pick multiple images, videos, or even other layouts to play inside that area. You can also change the transition type and other […]

How to use the Text Element in a Layout

What is the Text Element? The text element allows you to display plain text, text alongside a picture, the time and date, or using JavaScript you can even insert data! Text Element options When editing a text element, you have a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) style of editor, like any common […]

How to use the Video Element in a Layout

What is the Video Element? The Video Element allows you to place a video file, stream, or Live TV into a Layout. Video Element Options Media Library Allows you to add a video from your Korbyt Media Library. Stream (DASH) Allows you to provide a URL for a DASH stream and have it play within […]

How to use the Sound Element in a Layout

What is the Sound Element? The Sound Element allows you to play a sound when the layout first displays, repeat a sound while the layout displays, let the user of an interactive kiosk play a sound, or trigger a sound using JavaScript or jQuery. Sound Element options When you first drag the Sound Element onto […]

How to use the Image Element in a Layout

What is the Image Element? The Image Element allows you to place an image from your Korbyt Media Library in a Layout. Image Element options When you first drag the Image Element onto your canvas, a dialog will come up with your Korbyt Media Library. Find the image you would like displayed and click the […]

Proof Of Play

How to use Proof of play Please Note: Proof of play is a paid for feature.  To use this procedure it needs to be setup in Korbyt content so that it can be logged and tracked via Proof-of-Play function. Enabling Proof-of-Play Logging at the ‘Content’ Level The Proof-of-Play (POP) function tracks when items are played and generates summary […]

How to Use the Anchor Tool in Builder

What is the Anchor tool used for? The anchor tool is used for aligning two elements precisely. For example, if you have two picture that you would like displayed side by side, it can be difficult to place them directly next to each other without overlap and without making one slightly higher than the other. […]