Korbyt Anywhere 3.0

Adding Content Through the Mobile App

Enable User Generated Content First check to ensure your tenant has User Generated Content enabled.  You can read about how to do that Here,  Once User Generated Content is enabled, Users can submit content from the Newsfeed. How do users submit content? After users securely log in to Korbyt Anywhere they are immediately brought to their […]

Korbyt Anywhere Mobile Experience Categories

Subscribe to Categories to Personalize You News Feed Categories help communicators organize posts by themes or topics of content.  In Korbyt Anywhere Mobile, you can use the Category tab to discover any curated content that has been shared with you.  Subscribe to categories that are interesting or relevant to your role. You can easily find all […]

Korbyt Anywhere Mobile Experience Overview

How to Get Started To get started using Korbyt Anywhere, download the app from from the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android).  You will find it by searching for KorbytGo.  Once you have installed the app on your phone, enable push notifications to get the most out of your experience.  The first time you […]

Layouts – Advanced Guide

Advanced Layouts In this article, we will be taking a look at layout elements that have advanced setup and additional ways on how you can control the settings of your layout. Saving Vs Publishing When you are done editing your layout, you will have the option to either save or publish your draft. Publishing a […]

Layout Basics

Introduction to Layouts In this article, we will be looking into Korbyt Anywhere’s layouts and how they are used. A layout is a feature where you can arrange and modify a variety of elements on to a canvas. The canvas is part of the Korbyt Anywhere builder which is where we will add and modify […]

Asset Specifications

Image Ratios The Mobile and Web experiences are optimized to use a 2:1 landscape aspect ratio.  In general, an image with a 2:1 landscape ratio (1000 pixels wide x 500 pixels tall) will tend to look the best across both web and mobile. File Size and Formats Image Files We support multiple file types when uploading images.  […]

Supported Media Specifications

What are the supported media formats? The Korbyt Anywhere Media Manager will support most common types of files.  The current list of supported media is: Image .jpg/.jpeg .png .bmp .gif .svg Audio .mp3 .mp4a .aac Video .mp4 .webm .avi .mov .mpeg Document .doc/docx .odt .pdf .xls/xlst .ods .ppt/pptx .odp .txt .pages .key .number .csv Other […]

How to Import Users

How to Import Users Prepare an Import File Import files should be comma-delimited (csv) files containing at minimum all required fields as noted below: Required Fields first_name Requires a value last_name Requires a value email Each potential user in your import file must have a unique value for either email or username. This field must […]

Korbyt Anywhere 3.0 Release Notes

Content Management System (CMS) – Overall​ New mega-menu style navigation, with option to quickly switch between Digital Signage and Mobile/Web products​ Visually updated to reflect a more modern design aesthetic​ New Guided software tours, with different paths for new users vs current users of the platform​ ​CMS: Signage & Desktop​ Inview has been renamed to Desktop​ New On-Prem Azure desktop authentication​ […]

Making Korbyt Anywhere Your Own – Introduction to Branding

With Korbyt Anywhere you have the ability to introduce branding to give your employee engagement platform a look and feel that is familiar to users.  All branding is maintained in the settings in the Content Management System. How to Update Branding In the Content Management System navigate to Settings using the gear icon  in the upper right […]