Korbyt Anywhere 3.0

Korbyt Anywhere Settings – Signage and Desktop

Within the Korbyt Anywhere Settings page, there are specific sections that pertain to Signage and Desktop(previously Inview) users. The applicable settings tabs are General, Signage, Inview, Couriers, Predefined Layouts, and Screen Control. Information on Couriers can be found here. General Content Expiration Notification This general setting allows for the administrator to configure notifications for content […]

Korbyt Anywhere Settings Overview

The settings for Korbyt Anywhere are conveniently located on a single page within the CMS. Once logged in, just click the gear icon in the top right of the page to take you to the settings. This page is where all of your settings will live for the Korbyt Anywhere CMS. These settings are only […]

How to Create a Clever Playlist – set it to Display by Order of Content

When creating a clever playlist there are several Options to select from on how content should display by order of Content. For example could be set by Content Type, Order, or by Age.   Content Type Order Age **** Content Type   Create or Edit a Clever Playlist Click on the + to add clever […]

How to Create / Configure Desktop for Korbyt Inview

After reading this article the user will comfortably be able to create and configure the Desktop for Korbyt InView content and learn the value of its many configurable widgets. Please NOTE: the steps to install KorbytInView are listed in the InView Installation article: InView Installation There are four critical steps needed to get Desktop for KorbytInView […]

Adding Content Through the Web Experience

Enable User Generated Content First check to ensure your tenant has User Generated Content enabled.  You can read about how to do that Here,  Once User Generated Content is enabled, Users can submit content from the Newsfeed. How do users submit content? After users securely log in to Korbyt Anywhere they are immediately brought to their […]

Enabling User Generated Content

How to Enable User Generated Content As an administrator in Korbyt Anywhere, you have the ability to control how Users interact with the platform.  Typically, user generated content is enabled during install.  However, as the administrator, you have the power to change that if you want.  Enabling or disabling user generated content is a simple […]

Reached Users Report

Overview: What is the Reached Users Report? The Reached Users Report shows you specific users who have logged into Korbyt Anywhere.  Use this report to look for individuals or share with others in the organization who may want to reward those who have joined or offer encouragement to those who have not. How to use […]

Using the Reached Users Dashboard

Overview: What is the Reached Users Dashboard? The Reached Dashboard shows you how many users have logged into Korbyt Anywhere.  Use this dashboard to quickly find insights on how many users have logged in to Korbyt Anywhere at least once.  Think of this as your adoption dashboard. At the top of the dashboard are at […]

Playlists Guide

Playlists 101 Introduction In this article we will be looking at playlists and how they are used. A playlist is a list of media that can be scheduled to play in your player in either a sequential or shuffled order. You can add images, videos, layouts, and messages to your playlist in either a static […]

Korbyt Anywhere Web Experience Overview

How to Get Started You can find the Web Experience at https://Korbyt.com/kaw .  The first time you login, you will enter your unique company code followed by your login credentials.  Your organization will provide you with both the company code and your credentials. Note you may be asked to use multifactor authentication.    Navigating Korbyt Anywhere […]